Who We Are

We are a grassroots volunteer group working as a subcommittee of the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association. Our goal is to plant trees along village streets in Bayfield (on Municipal property) to replace old, dying trees and populate treeless areas of the village. In consultation with local residents, we are planting a few streets at a time. We began by planting along the Heritage Trail. 
We would also like to work with our neighbours in other parts of Bluewater to encourage tree planting across the Municipality. 
As a result of age and disease, many of our streets are losing the beautiful trees that once graced our village. We're working hard to bring back our tree canopy.

Tree Committee Members: 
Bill Aberhart, Susan Drew, Sondra Buchner, Annie Johnston, Roma Harris, Truus Dragland, Dave MacLaren, Mike Mahaffey, Pat McDougall, Bill Rowat, Shelagh Sully, Martin Van Beek and Ainslie Willock.

Our Partners:
A big thank you to our partners: Bayfield River Valley Trail Association, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Foundation (ABCA Foundation), TCC (Tuckersmith Communication Co-operative Ltd.), Twist Graphic Design, Main Street Web Design, Ministry of Natural Resources (Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program - CFWIP) and the Municipality of Bluewater.

Where does your donation go? 
Directly to planting trees. We are all volunteers.

We Send Out Tax Receipts:
We issue tax deductible receipts for donations of $20 or more through the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Foundation also known as the ABCA Foundation. Please see "Donate" section of web page to give.