Memorial Trees Listed by Year

Tree planted in memory of... 2015 (coming soon)

Tree planted in memory of... 2014

  • Richard Dick (Sarah's husband), Ray Letheren, Melody Pounder and Clair Soper in memory of Sarah Dick. A White Oak tree planted in Clan Gregor Square and as soon as possible, a tree on Main Street
  • Bruce and Anny Johnstone, Justine Chojnacka and Winnie Darnborough in memory of Susan Eibel.
  • Roy G. Coburn, in memory of his mother, Beverley Dolores Coburn, a Sugar Maple tree on the bluff at the most westerly end of Victoria Street overlooking the Lake and, in Clan Gregor Square a Black Tupelo tree near the Splash Pad.
  • Dave Gillians daughters, Laura and Sara, donated an Autumn Blaze Maple at 12 Charles St., in honour of their Dad's birthday.

Tree planted in memory of... Spring 2011

  • Carolyn Chapman, in memory of Bruce Chapman, A tree planted on Louisa Street.
  • Bayfield Lions Club, in memory of Annie Geimenhardt/Martin, A tree planted on Louisa Street.  

Memorial Tree Book

A Memorial Book will be created and kept at the Bayfield Archives on Main Street.

Memorial Tree Requests

We are now able to plant memorial trees on requested streets.
Please contact: Sondra Buchner at 519-565-1518.