Donors and Friends: Listed by Year

Donation Categories:

Friends: up to $150

Green: up to $500

Red: up to $1000

Orange: up to $1500

Yellow: over $1500

Blue: In Memorium


Nancy and Dave Wilson, Bayfield

Carl and Karen Humphries, London

Wendy Johnson, Bayfield

Nancy Scotchmer, Bayfield



Sandra Wilson and Mirislav Miletich,Brantford



John and Ingeborg Vertika, Bayfield, Ontario



Margaret Connell/Kevin French, Toronto, Ontario

Probus Club of Goderich and District



November 2016

Allan & Ann Grigg

Red: Ronald Burton

August 2016

Leslie Bald, Kim Kruse, Janet Stewart

July 2016

In memorium for Irene Harris:  Elise Feltrin, Justyna Chojnacka, Margaret Sinclair, Grace Koehler and Shirley McAllister.

Timothy and Kelly Hoover, Paul and Kim Fraser

June 2016

Wynn and Pat Graham, Carol and Robert Mommersteeg

April 2016

Grace Koehler, Ian McAllister.  Justyna Chojnacka,  Pat McDougall, B. J. Talbot, Roberta Stemp, Rose Dundass, Art Dadd, Eleanor Schnall, Sandy Scotchmer,  

Green:  Bud and Kim Hohol, Margaret McBride, Frances and William Lannin


December 2015

Friends: Keith and Linda Cosby, Anne and Lawrence Carrick, Abby Armstrong, Scott F. and Margo Robeson.

October 2015

Friends:  Allen Ische and Nancy Arthur Ische

July 2015

Friends:  Eleanor Schnall, Sondra Buchner, Roma Harris, Dave Gillians, Andrew Barlow, Angela Berard, Nancy Scotchmer, Helen Gianoulis, Florence Keillor, Joyce Edge, Pat McDougall, Leslie Bella, Margaret Carr, Beverly Dickson, Shirley Marr, Nancy Arthur Ische, Arlene Timmins, Carol Hornick, Carol Carter, Judy Haggerty, Jacquie Sharrat, Dianne Loerchner, Gayle Benerman, Roberta Stemp, Jane and David MacLaren, Sandy Scotchmer, Nancy and Kevin Kale, Barbara Brown, Barbara Hawkins, Sheila Orell, Judith Higgs, Michael V. Heine, Gayle Dunn.

Green: David P. MacLaren, Rosemary Crosthwaite, Roy Coburn, Tom and Carol May, Douglas and Laurien Trowell.

Special thanks to Leslie Bella for organizing Bayfield's annual Earth Hour musical, the proceeds of which are donated to the Tree Project.

Earth Day Donations:

2015 - $1500

2014 - $1300

2013 - $1180

2012 - $601.50

2011 - $682.76


Margaret (Greta) Sinclair, Don and Florence Keillor, Grace Koehler, Linda Gumble, Elise Felton, Leslie Bella, Con Melady, Betty Fisher, Betty-Jean Talbot, roy Price, Dwight Nelson, Roberta Stemp, Adrian deBruyn, John and Elaine Arthur, Angela Berard, Gayle Dunn, Barbara Brown, Sondra Buchner, Justine Chojnacka, Winnie Darnbrough, Bruce and Any Johnston, Clem Martin, Melody Falconer-Pounder, Ester C. Howson, Raymond Letheren, Margaret Bushell, Patricia McDougall, Clair Soper.

Major Donors

Green: $150 - cost to plant one tree.

Roma Harris, Allen Ische, Kathleen Steenstra, Carmen Schmitz and Michael Curtis, Huron Master Gardener.

Yellow: $1,500 plus
Roy G. Coburn 

In Memorium

Susan Eikel, Sarah Dick.


Florence and Donald Keillor, Doris Ball, Stephen Bidwell, Shelagh Sully, Roberta Stemp, Cole Currie, George and Lorraine Brophy, Bob Smythe, Greg Stewart, Betty Fisher,  William and Grace Koehler,  Marg Bushell, Garfield Lee, Paul and Barbara Howe, Ian McAllister, Patricia and Bud Langley, Shelagh Sully, Sondra Buchner, Nancy Arthur-Ische, Marilyn Price, Brian Bauer, Patricia Welk, Joseph Grech, Jablan Josic, Charles B. Spencer, Dr. Ronald J. Puley, Roy Price,  Steve Beddington.

Major Donor Appreciation Leave :  $150(cost to plant one tree)

Allen and Nancy A. Ische, Leslie Bella, Roma Harris, Cathy Paquette, Don Schafheirlin, Gail Hagarty, Robert Edmonds, 

Yellow:  $1,500

Roy Graham Coburn

William Koehler, Paul Howe, Anne de Bruyn, Robert Smyth, Betty Fisher, Eleanor Schnall, Ainslie Willock, Roberta Stemp, Don Keiler, George Brophy, Marg Bushell, Joanne Talbot, Elaine & John Arthur, Robert and Judith Milligan, Margot Sippel, John Frezell, Sondra Buchner, Nancy & Allan Ische, Arlene Timmins, Jane Davidson, Gordon McTaggart, Shelagh Sully, Mary Ellen Thatcher, Margaret A. Ferguson, Rob and Michelle Nation.

Major Donor Appreciation Leaves

Green: $150 (cost to plant one tree)

  • Leslie Bella
  • M. McBride
  • Pioneer Park
  • Catherine Jamieson
  • Aline and Anthony Klemenchic
  • Robert Skyington Associates
  • Laura Gillians
  • Betty Bedard Bidwell
  • Beate Bowron
  • Pat McDougall
  • Joyce K. Edge
  • Roma Harris
Red: $500
  • Girl Guides of Bayfield - Read about "Guides Need Shade" at the bottom of this page in the Photo Story section here.
  • Deer Park Lodge 

Orange: $1,000

  • Roy Coburn
  • Ministry of Natural Resources - Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program (CFWIP)

Yellow: $1,500 plus 

Blue: In Memory of (minimum of $150)


FRIENDS 2011: 

Nancy Arthur Ische, Leslie Bella, Ray Hildebrand, Elizabeth Kruspe, Marg Bushell, Dawn Cumming, Janet Snider, Scott Bradford, Linda McDougall, David Bechard, Clair Soper, Roger Lewington, Pat McDougall, Shelagh Sully, Linda Price, John Robinson, Greta Sinclair, Mary Lou Beechie, Susannah Joyce, Margaret Simpson, Mary Wilson, Linda Speers, Mike Wallace, Sondra Buchner.

Major Donor Appreciation Leaves

Green: $150 (cost to plant one tree)

  • Beate Bowron
  • Gary Davidson
  • Neil & Leslie Duffy
  • Roma Harris
  • Monica Gemeinhardt
  • Janet Stewart
  • Martin Van Beek  
  • Bayfield Millennial Conservation Trust
  • Anette Kalm
  • Bayfield Lions - A. Martin
  • Bill Webb
  • Mike Voll

Red: $500

  • TCC, Tuckersmith Communications Co-operative Ltd.
  • Bill Aberhart
  • Roma Harris

Orange: $1,000

  • Jane & Bill Rowat
  • Willock Family
  • Bayfield Horticultural Society
  • Ministry of Natural Resources - Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program (CFWIP)

Yellow: $1,500 plus

  • TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation
  • Municipality of Bluewater

Blue: In Memory of (minimum of $150)

  • Carolyn Chapman for Bruce Chapman
  • Bayfield Lions Club for Annie Martin-Gemeinhardt