Lucia Schatteleyn spread mulch on the newly planted trees in Carriage Lane.

Twenty new trees were planted in the green space on Carriage Lane in Bayfield on Oct. 13. The planting included beautiful specimens of Bur Oak, Sugar Maple, Sycamore and Tulip trees were provided by the Bayfield Tree Project (BTP).

Counting the trees planted by the BTP in the village, as well as in the right of ways, this planting brings the number of trees planted this year to 50 rounding out the total over the last eight years to 500 trees.

The Carriage Lane trees were planted, staked, tied, fertilized and mulched by a great volunteer team.

planting group
Bayfield Tree Project volunteers planted 20 trees in the green space at Carriage Lane on Oct. 13. The enthusiastic planters were (l-r): Lucia Schatteleyn, Sondra Buchner, Gary Mayell, Brian King, Garnet McBride and Chris Bowers. (Submitted photo)

“What a remarkable difference these trees make to that part of the community,” said Sondra Buchner, a BTP member.

Garnet McBride tied the trees to stakes to help strengthen them through the coming winter weather.

Donations from citizens keep the BTP viable and any donation over $20 is furnished with a tax receipt.

Cheques may be made payable to: ABCA Foundation / Bayfield Trees and mailed to Bayfield Tree Project, P.O. Box 164, Bayfield, ON, NOM 1G0.
(Article and Images provided by the Bayfield Breeze, Oct.17, 2018, Issue 484)